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Over the past few years, the number of renters that reside in single-family rentals has surged, thanks to the recent global pandemic. This comes as no surprise to many people.

In recent times, the possibility of recession is becoming very difficult to ignore. This is largely due to the massive increase in prices across various sectors of the global economy.

Amidst a sluggish economic recovery post-pandemic, Canada’s economy shows modest growth, with real GDP marking a 0.2% increase in January, continuing a steady trend with an eight month streak.¹ However,

The Canadian real estate market has been burning white hot over the last couple of years as noted by exorbitant home price increases across the nation. But the impact of

There is no debate that the housing market has been performing exceptionally well over the last couple of years, despite headwinds brought about by COVID-19. However, borrowers now face new

Much like its neighbor to the south, Canada’s housing market has experienced massive inventory shortages over the last couple of years. While the COVID-19 pandemic is a major contributor in

With the Ontario housing market as hot as ever, the business of house flipping continues to be a great investment opportunity in the area. While very little Though HGTV has

Canada’s housing market has seen an incredible increase in the past couple of years, and Windsor is certainly no exception — on the contrary, Windsor’s rental market, in particular, experienced

As we round the one-year mark on Covid-19, some sectors are experiencing a healthy recovery, while others continue to lag. Here’s how Windsor real estate investors can make a power

Let’s get one thing straight: 2020 hurt. It was a grueling year for Windsor real estate that hit many of us hard. From head, to heart, to wallet, the pandemic