Tenant Services


MARDA Management Inc. is now offering easier, more convenient ways to pay your rent!

Rent Payments Made Simple
  • Bill Payments

    Now make any payment to MARDA Management using Web, phone or ATM banking. Simply set up MARDA Management as a bill payee with your local bank, ask MARDA Management for your MARDA account number today!

  • Rentmoola Quickpay

    Want to make quick, easy and instant credit card or debit payments for rent, deposits or any other charges. Marda has partnered with Rentmoola quick pay to make this a quick and convenient process ( Rentmoola convenience fee will apply). Click here to use Rentmoola Quickpay

  • In Office

    by debit or post dated cheque.

Click on the link below to register with RentMoola.

  • Click "Sign Up" in the top right corner

  • Click "I am a resident tenant"

  • Enter your email address & create a password

  • Enter your country, postal code and select your address and apartment number

Once you have signed up for Rent Moola, we will approve you, and you can pay rent using Rent Moola Direct Debit or by credit card for a fee paid to Rent Moola. Your rent can be paid manually each month or set up once using Rent Moola Direct Debit to get paid to MARDA Management on the 1st of each month!

Our number one commitment to you, our tenants, is communication! We believe strongly that with honest and open communication, we will have a very positive landlord-tenant relationship.

Tenant Portal

With communication as our priority, we are pleased to offer you the tenant portal. The tenant portal will allow you to see your ledger in real-time, allowing you to see all payments and charges to your account as they are posted. Furthermore, you will be able to find maintenance notices or general bulletins about your building, keeping you up-to-date with what's going on at your property. You can also submit work orders to our maintenance staff about items that need to be repaired or maintained in your unit. Work orders submitted are reviewed frequently and assessed by our maintenance division. All communications submitted will be addressed in a timely manner.
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