Here, you’ll find real stories from our clients. They’ll tell you how we’ve made property management easy, reliable, and stress-free. These testimonials are proof of our commitment to delivering frictionless customer experience and keeping our clients happy with empathy and authenticity.

Best property management company I've ever dealt with. The quality of tenant is excellent, and their service beyond comparison. I've dealt with Marda a few years now, and they've been hard working and extremely reliable, and responsive to me as an owner. I was federred by a friend whose has had the same great experience for years before i signed them on. Gladly recommend them to family and friends, and any real estate investors who need an agency they can fully trust and rely on.
I absolutely recommend anyone who is a landlord to leave their investment properties in the hands of MARDA Management. Their business has scaled while they maintain a high level of professionalism, timely communications and client relations.

I always feel confident if I want to be more hands off with a property, knowing they'll have my interests in mind, and haven't forgotten about me or my properties. Very important for an out-of-town investor.

Thank you for your hard work!
As the co-owner of investment properties in the Windsor area, I would like to share what a positive experience I have had with Marda Management over the past 6 years. As novice investors, the art and science of property management was new to me. The challenges of day to day dealings with tenants and rent collections can all be professionally handled through Marda Management. All of the people at Marda, from Marla through to individual property managers and maintenance people were all very willing to accommodate my questions and requests. The employees at Marda were professional, personable and always willing to guide me through any property maintenance issues that arose. Marda Management helped to keep us on track; in short to help us to maximize the value of our investments, while minimizing our exposure to the risks of property management. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Marda Management for anyone who needs the peace of mind of a professional property management company.
I have lived at my unit for almost 7 years and John has handled most of my work orders for maintenance requests. I figured it's time to finally give a review somewhere so he gets the credit he deserves! Very kind person, very patient and tolerant with my curious little dogs who were being nosy while he was working. He still got the job done, no complaints or fussing and always goes above and beyond to keep the units in good condition. I appreciate the next-day service for removing some cupboards so that I had enough space to fit my new fridge in. Thanks John God bless.
I am in the process of signing a lease with Marda Management. Kathy has been so helpful and responsive. I did a FaceTime showing with Laura as well, and she exceeded my expectations in making sure I could see all of the features of the building without being able to see it in person. Everyone has been so friendly and communicative. Highly recommend!
I've had my eye on an apartment building that was undergoing renovations but I did not know who owned it. I just saw an ad go up and it was a Marda Management property. Knowing how quickly properties rent out and not wanting to lose a chance at this particular building with the perfect location, I popped into the Marda office first thing this morning. I was greeted with a smile by Marla who despite my enthusiasm in wanting to lease the apartment "sight unseen" kindly suggested I view the apartment first. Marla was able to set up an appointment for us to view the apartment immediately. Jenn, who is very sweet and helpful, met us at the building and showed us the apartment. Having viewed this unit, we really were convinced it couldn't be more perfect. I was told to contact Kathy to complete an application. I emailed Kathy right away but told her I couldn't complete the application until after I finished work. Kathy said it was fine and to email her when the application was complete. I didn't end up completing the application until after dinner and I honestly didn't expect to hear anything until tomorrow. I was shocked when Kathy emailed me back right away. We emailed each other back and forth this evening and just after 10:00 p.m. everything was finalized. If anyone would have told me that a management company would work so late after hours instead of waiting until the next day, just to help out a potential client I wouldn't have believed it. I can not find the words to describe how grateful I am to everyone I met at Marda Management today. They all really went above and beyond to help me and I will never forget it. They really care about people and families. Thank you ladies, you are all leaders in your field.