What is the MARDA Angel Network?

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Last year, MARDA received a donation of $7,500 from an individual who wished to stay anonymous. This donation’s purpose was to help tenants who were struggling financially and who could really use some sort of assistance. Given that they wished to stay anonymous, MARDA decided to call this generous individual the MARDA Angel. This nickname sparked an idea to continue giving back to the community with the MARDA Angel Network.

The inspiration from the MARDA Angel also inspired us to continue these efforts for our tenants that may need a little help to get through some tough months.

That’s where the MARDA Angel Network can help.

MARDA asked property owners to consider donating to the network so we can continue assisting our tenants in need. With their generosity, we have been fortunate enough to raise $12,300.00 from our property owners, and MARDA is contributing $5,000.00 to the project directly.

That means the MARDA Angel Network started with $17,300.00 to help those tenants in need!

With this incredible donation sum, we were able to already start helping those that needed it; especially, during the troubling times that 2020 decided to bring.

Our amazing staff can even nominate tenants that they feel could benefit from the network the most. The MARDA Angel Network can help tenants with their rent in full or in part, provide gift cards when needed, and more!

Thank you to Our Contributors

Thank you to all our Contributors

This network will hopefully be a blessing in tenant’s times of struggles and it is all thanks to our contributors to the MARDA Angel Network. We want to thank those who donated to the network as this idea could not have been made possible without their generous support. With their donations, we hope to continue helping our tenant’s this year and all the years to come.

How We Can Help

As one of Windsor’s leading property management companies, we understand that difficult times may come in a tenant’s life and it is this network’s mission to try and relieve as much financial stress as possible.

If you know someone within one of our owner’s rental properties that could greatly use our support, please call us at (519) 255-7368 or email us at info@mardamanagement.com

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